A confusion of dietry variety

Todays blog post is about the variety of different advice and instructions different patients receive.
My wife has joined various groups and forums during her time making a decision and leading up to her bypass surgery. We both found it useful to see the perspectives of ordinary people who aren’t trying to sell us something.
In doing so though it’s revealed something. It seems there is no set ‘best’ way to proceed up to and after the surgery.
My wife was on a liquid diet for four weeks before her surgery and was told she needed to do the same for four weeks after. She’s been told not to drink alcohol for at least twelve months after her surgery. She’s been told she cannot use a straw to drink. Her regimen of post surgery medication and supplements is huge. 
Now, in isolation there seems nothing strange about any of this. She’s undergone a huge, life-altering surgery. 
However, when she looks on her groups there is a huge variety of different advice that people have received from their surgeons. Some are told straws are fine, some have been told they can be eating normal food within three weeks. Some people haven’t been warned not to drink alcohol. Some people didn’t have to do a pre-op diet. Some people don’t have to take the same medication.
All-in-all it’s very confusing. Also, as someone supporting her it’s difficult to help because I only know what I’ve been told by her surgeon. Though I trust him it is difficult to try and help her stay the course when other people are doing things so differently.
I think (though by no means am I a medical professional) that the best course of action is to research a bit. Take what the surgeon has said and question it. Perhaps with the surgeon themselves in any follow-up appointments. Perhaps with a few google searches. Also try and be mindful of anything that seems too good to be true (anyone saying their surgeon has said cake, pizza, & booze are fine is likely lying to themselves and you). 


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