First week of our new life

So, the first week has been and gone.

There have been ups and downs and fall-outs and breakdowns but we’re still going strong.

I think my wife has struggled a little with coming to the realisation that the operation was just the start, that the hard work is just beginning.

It’s been really interesting finding ways to cope, finding alternatives for foods/meals, and finding the beat advice on how to take the goddam IRON!! Honestly, out of everything, even having to give my wife daily injections, the liquid iron has been the worst thing! It looks like baby vomit, it stinks, it has the taste of room temperature blood. It’s vile!

So we ditched that and ordered some chewable iron tablets, made by a company called Nature’s Plus. My wife preferred these, though still they aren’t pleasant. There are still a couple more options due to be delivered so once they’ve arrived hopefully my wife will have at least one she doesn’t dry heave at the thought of.


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