The big day

Well today is the day.

I’ll be honest, this might be the leadt coherent post you’ll read. I’m going a little bit crazy.

I dropped my wife off at the hospital last night. She had to be in so they could prepare her for surgery as she’s going in to theatre first today. 

I didn’t get much sleep last night because a) I’m a worrier and I’m worried about the operation, and b) it felt weird having the bed to myself. I think since my wife and I met seven years ago, we’ve probably not spent more than 40 nights apart.
As I say, my wife’s surgery is the first to be done today. The surgeon performing her bypass is world class and in fact is the same surgeon who installed, and removed, her gastric band. He’s like her own personal surgeon. Her surgery is sceduled for 10 am, it’s currently 6:13 am. I’ve been awake since 5:00 am and before I finally managed to get any sleep I definitely say 00:45 on the clock so yup, it’ll be a long day.

My plan is to distract myself with housework today. I want the house clean and tidy for my wife’s return and it will help keep my mind from wandering. I’ll likely post another update once I’ve heard from the hospital that she’s ok.


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