The Countdown

Well, here we are. 

A week away from my wife’s gastric bypass surgery. It feels very much like the calm before the storm. We talk about it from time to time but not much. We talk more about what life will be like after, how we’ll adjust. The kids know that Mum will be in hospital for a couple of days because she needs an operation but don’t know the ins and outs. Our eldest is a little concerned but we’ve done our best to let him know that everything will be alright. My plan whilst my wife is in hospital is to distract them with toys and sweets!

Personally I am still worried but I’ve buried myself in my usual coping mechanism of making plans for after an event I’m worried about. I think my wife is doing the same as she’s started to go into heavy planning mode for my upcoming birthday. 

One positive of this experience for me is that because I’m trying to support my wife by eating healthier and, (because I’m somewhere between a trained ape and a caveman in terms of kitchen skills) healthier i’ve also lost around 2 stone (28lbs, 13kg, 0.0128 imperial tons) which is really good so I’m planning to keep that going.

The next post will likely be written when my wife is in surgery, because I’m really going to need something to distract me.


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