Sigh of relief

Well, the surgery is done. No going back now!  She’s currently under observation and sleeping off the effects of the anesthetic. So here begins the new phase of our lives together! 

The big day

Well today is the day. I’ll be honest, this might be the leadt coherent post you’ll read. I’m going a little bit crazy. I dropped my wife off at the hospital last night. She had to be in so they could prepare her for surgery as she’s going in to theatre first today.  I didn’t… Continue reading The big day

Pre-op diet

Well here we are again. I thought this time i’d talk about the trials and tribulations of the pre-op diet. Basically, the idea is you consume very little carbs and fats and your body ebters a state called ketosis where your body fuels itself through your body fat rather than the carbs in your food.… Continue reading Pre-op diet

A history lesson

I wanted to have a quick recap of what’s already gone on up to this point. Myself and my wife have both struggled with weight issues for many years. We’ve tried various slimming clubs and diets. In fact, when we first met we had both recently lost significant amounts of weight. We have struggled to… Continue reading A history lesson